Deep Musing II…. Along the right path of insanest madness


If someone has a cape and spare time to wreck his castle in no time,
before I join the geeks in line to see red on vals before pool- dead arrives,
while Shakespeare loomed said thou doest like this?
I say I will do like that!
Whether by Elizabethan or UK version or by my own African dialect or insane submission,
true coaster proclaimed wanna bl33 but I sayeth nay! No. Ahh kakai and so and such.
If dark clouds caught up to me Bentham or Arkham helpest me.
For poetry and philosophy caused my fractured psychology…
reading them like bed time stories wroth wormholes in my dreams and released the words that you see jumbled here.
Save me from 10%, dead cell isn’t like red cells but it has the power to place me in cells while not white or green.
If maybe downward to hades was sickly I wouldn’t seem perky with madly deeply and deepest darkest maddest Musing.

I shan’t say Amen just Blessed be.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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