February blues I

My sweet Veronica

I call to thee in chants and dark noise, my evil voice reborn by your rapture.
Let me hail you my sweet Veronica.
You freed my Gothic thoughts and took your Time to convert me.
So now,
let’s escape towards the deafening  moans of love’s reality.
Let’s sail the greatest brainwaves to my windy hometown, where lust will cloud our judgement while the crickets whistle Jimminy sweet tunes.
My Sweet Veronica
I’ll let your beauty take me in the sweet breeze and undress my soul with holy hymnals.
We’ll stain my red sheets in a mad frenzy with our darkened words that speak our mind and scream sex with intensity.
Lets force a beat that’s loud and quiet to rival the crashing waves,
imagine the birth of that sinful dark one winged angel,
and call him all sorts till we come with his name.
We’ll sigh high for my tone deaf brethren to hear us,
and leave the rocky chimes and bed side rhymes to the expert tune tinkers.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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