Flimsy Metaphysics.

When u see Darkness
you say there’s no light.
When I see light,
I say there’s Darkness because the light is blinding.
I see no face,
no hope in the horizon,
while you chase stars in hopeless abandon.
I question fate and hope,
to develop strength,
while you hide behind pillars
for support and salvation.
I see God for the beast in him,
while you play Childish Gambino with the faith in you,
but I am no less pious nor alpha than our maker.
My vindictiveness is Bourne from my father’s father in heaven.
I am evil in his image but only truly evil when I refuse his will.
So let me go on my knees with my hands in prayer;
Make me yours,
and only yours oh Father in heaven.
In deviousness and in might,
in words and in wisdom.
Purge me from this beginning
straight into your never beginning
and make me your contingency
that is a holy necessity.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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