Your Love and Kindness

I don’t need or want it now that,
empathy has left this body in madness,
and it’s pent up isolation has made Your Josiah Forsaken Lump whole and pleasing, so please.
Do not introduce your kindness and cravings for affection,
or pray for a love selfish in its castings.
Do not ensnare my fading sanity,
whispering false love so binding it’s clutching at me with faulty perceptions of spherical assumptions.
Do not seduce this man,
Who has grown cold where warm feelings so long ago reigned,
once yearning for a love that now shrieks and thumps at my brain.
For you would only lose yourself in a thorny maze leading to Eden in me,
and become Jezebel lost on my scriptures of John in 3 & 16.
You are my goddess,
but if you requite what comes with it
by just looking good and being female
Then I do not want your love and kindness.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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