Mild Insanity

Look at me.
Notice me.
Watch me be perfect!
Someone please look!!
Look into my heart,
my cold unfeeling heart that’s
like a mountain of ice,
crushing all around it in an avalanche of my twisting emotions.
An avalanche of all OUR twisting emotions.
Our twisted sanity,
jumbled personalities twisting and turning.
Twisting and turning.
Twisting and turning!
Twisting and Turning!
Twisting And Turning!!
Oh, we are falling,
falling and falling deep into nothing.
Falling into an empty void of no sound.
An empty divide that has a will.
It wants a tree to fall,
fall and make a noise.
Fall and call out to anyone.
Fall and attract attention.
Someone please,
Watch me fall and fail,
watch me fall and succeed.
Someone please look at us fall and bleed.
We’re jumbled personalities,
we’re good and bad but as ugly as we are,
Don’t leave us behind.
Don’t leave us in this empty divide.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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