Lonely Insanity #2

Your words,
your torrents.
they torment me in tides,
Your torrents.
they torment my inside,
my torment.
You left me beneath sands
of torment.
And I felt the ire of the goddess,
till hell stopped me
mid torment.
To set up the scales of balance
to make me a man,
of vengeance.
So I could torment you
in like torrents,
the way you tormented me
in torrentsĀ 
with your fair nature that was my weakness and muse,
brought my nights torrents of endless torment.
Your torment turned me to the nightmare
of lonely torment.
So now I live to bring you fearful torment.
Watch the morning star as bright and unmerciful as the Lords wrath and torment,
making you wet in torrents.
Making you regret in torrents.
I’ll make you fear my hot torment.

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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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