You asked why.
Why I don’t have a smile on my face.
I had to turn from heel to face,
just to ask YOU why.
Why SO serious, love?
after judging MY grace on the field,
during my graceful caress on your skin and
those tender kisses I laid on your navel leading down to your nether naval,
you said “Do Not Judge”  with a straight face at the pearly gates of no sin and lust I flee I flee I FLEE from.
Its is my price to pay,
I had forked over bills of bitter sweet double standards just to avoid that never sweet fire of your damnation.
But I sinned
What was that?
Well I lust
I lust
and I lust
and I lust
And I lust more than I sin.
That’s if sin is lust or lust is sin,
but in your case lusting for you was my only sin.
I digress.
That’s my insanity speaking.
You asked why?
Why so serious?
Why don’t I have a smile on my face?
Because you my fair friend,
and I answer in the insanest part of my less than satisfied mind just to keep from hurting her fading fragile ego,
You my fair one,
I pace myself because these sweet words will never leave my own lips,
you my muse,
you who repel my true lustful bliss
I want to see you gain true bliss.
are a grade lower than any known average.
I lie before I leave her with a memory of what a poetic fake climax
should look like.



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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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