Desire Ends

The day our simple hearts met,
intertwined in the bliss our social reconnaissance left.
Your intrigue and my desire to feel were so tense.
So I decided and never told you,
I never told you how intense.
How love and lust are one to me
and I’d yearn for you while my head’s still stable.
And as I care for you I wonder,
when I wonder I wander beyond
I never mentioned so I’m to blame,
now we’re playing the silent game.
The rules of the game they mock me,
chide me,
hoot at me,
then lunge at me.
The rules which are one rule,
which is the lonely rule.
Where you see me,
then don’t see me,
just to punish me.
Just to make me feel something you just want to see,
that manly pleading that’s not one with me.
My wonder and desire will die,
when we play that messed up game


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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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