Woke to the end

My mind was blurred
My heart felt cold.
A ghastly feeling, being held at bay.

I saw myself
Saw all the blood.
I felt a chill, was just more blood.

I stood to see
this was not home.
I made my mind, then I saw her.

Her eyes were dull
Her breathe was still
Her clothes undone, yet her smile still.

I stood and stared
Awe mixed with nerves.
Was this all me, or someone else?

I heard him then
His sigh was loud.
I looked at him, I saw my end.

It all came back
the scenes were clear.
I came here, came to take his place.

I knew her not
Only knew her look.
I saw my friend, her eyes called me

His hand was large
My throat was full.
I saw his rage but felt no shame.

He was no good
He sowed more oats.
Yet here he is, jealous with malice.

I faded then
It all turned black.
When I saw light, she stood there too.

We watched him cry
We heard with him.
We watched him leave, as sirens came

We went our ways
Hand in hand now.
I felt no hate, hell was waiting.


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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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