To Judge Your Spoken Word

It’s great viewing, your new act of relevance.
I’ve caught you right as you start your dirty dance.
Let me spy your chanting like I did our first time;
when your art never sounded like a lie from the first line.
I listened to your soft spoken eloquence,
I heard you bleat deep rhymes in maleficence.
You dubbed common sense in layers of double speak
and spoke your tongues in conviction to reproach the weak.
So thrill me, mein Lieber, thrill me.
Today thrill me till I’m warm then I’ll give you peace.
Today your words will be thy worthy benevolence,
as the monster in me wishes to hear their plea.
Do bless him with your verbal evidence,
let your nifty bars try an appeal to him.
Be the motivator who’s out to set us free.
He’ll judge you of your false witness,
then I’ll make you flee being free.



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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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