EGO and War

My eyes waver
My mind says never

My body makes a shiver
And my ego looks to the maker
My anxiety is a trouble maker
And the words, oh the words take a minute longer
Where is the courage – liquid nerves like quick sand –
…To drown my floating nerves in?
My anti – depressants and anxiety tables…
WAIT, I never had any…
So how will I fight it? I can never talk to people
My voice won’t ever burst the bubble
My hand won’t reach for the sky…
But wait
Is this a problem?
Are communalistic frailties really existential crises?
My tongue is sharp
My fingers are nimble
With a pen or Key My law would be absolute
Their eyes will waver
My minds whisper they could never
Their bodies will shiver
The egos will call on the maker
Their anxiety will relax my trouble maker
Oh their words – I can’t wait a minute longer
They are my courage – like nerves of steel on hard ground.




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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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