DELUSION; the ugly child

They Notice,

While searching for pity in his heart,

The image of an ugly child.

A once vibrant son

Whose eager eyes went up,

And came down with salty tears.

A child who saw lines

That took him apart

And left him pieces

Of a delusion.

They notice a CHILD

Whose faith has left him.

Whose life

Is a distorted visual.

Whose heart

is worn out,

And shattered

Whose mind lives with contorted image

of a frag bearing mirror.

His face is ugly,


So he is bound by faith.

To a reality he fears,

With a hate for his deities,

And love for his demons.

He could embrace this superficial ode,

But since he lacks the cunning

He stares in blind desperation

at his never changing fractured visage.

They notice the child,

Who tries to look fine,

Who seeks to justify his zig-zag image.

They notice the child

Who stands in the shadows

To avoid his own image-






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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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