“I’ve seen your footprints and where they stop.
I walked them, I lived them,
I am an oracle on the view
I chase your timeline in a flashing zoom
There is no -ess-cape”


I know where you’re going; I know where you’re from.

I’ve seen your memories;

I have taken peeks behind your curtains,

And trekked through the coolness of your secrets,

In my boldness I have lived them,

And I have seen things.

I have seen your past,

When you craved flings of fearlessness.

Your lifeless mess was peerless,

You were stewing in friendlessness.

That was you; that is us.

But you were never breathless

Never toiling,

Never doing like now,

You were motionless and emotionless.

Now you’ve taken a turn,

So I look on to dark times.

Where you’re chasing rhymes to fit the nerd’s age,

Where you’re cool once you know the wordless.

But when you were young your numbing was muse;

I saw the humming pull your lips,

It cut your words and stopped your speech.

So now you hide in speaking verses,

Now you need action from this restlessness.

You crave action when you’re a heartless mess,

Pitching tents in your wilderness,

In binds that keep you sleepless;

While playing house with your loneliness.

But I’ve seen your fears; they are godless,

So who can judge you, faithless?

Who can judge, you’re rule-less.




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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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