Valentine Sermon

​Will I compare thee to a summers days?

No! I will not so slay

Your beauty with restrictions.

No! I will not so play

The dead poets game of distinctions.

You are not like the day.

You are not like the night.

You are not heavenly!

You are not worldly folly!

No, my love,

You are my world.

You are not Eastasia,

You are my Oceania.

I cannot live for you.

But I must die for you

I will not love you

Because it would ground you.

I will not cheat

Only because I might find a better you.

But you are;

My dream and vision.

An abstract I cannot reach;

A noumena called heaven I do not believe in

But one I live to praise and breathe for.

Oh Hiel, Mon amor.

I love you more than I know God,

I hate you more than I know how,

And I want you.

I want you for me,

For myself and mine alone.

For selfish whims;

Your devil’s own.

My dear,

You, me and my gluttony

In limbo forever; for every ever more

Would be paradise not ever lost,

And the height of our passion

Will wither time,

Fill all vacuums of nothing

Till void space and ever time are our divide

And our sweat;

our juices,

Will put out the stars

And blot out that sun.

My only one,

We will love

And leave bare the fakeness of that word

We will love

And wake Shakespeare to ink our names

We will love

And hate three ways

That cut in to stay our moans

We will be for ever

For ever and a day more

Every 14 February or every ever

We will stay saints of the day

Till it is no more.

I love you, Mon amor.

|| Valentine Sermon ||

LEBRECHT- Feb/2017