Ne Me Quitte Pas

Someone please sell me a soul that’s full

With so called love and care.

Give me attention that will never dull

And never leave me bare.

And I promise, I give my word, that I will settle.

I will force my heart to be better;

I’ll make it love and know Love,

And I’ll pretend that you don’t make me shiver.

I’ll confess that your voice brings me some joy.

As long as you don’t go, 

As long as you’re here forever.

So please don’t leave me;

Ne me quite pas.
Someone pleasecomfort my aching heart and I will try

To ignore the emptiness inside. I will nurse 

Myself with the sick nature of your tenderness, 

And accept you as the cure

To the sad thing called loneliness.

If only you will stay and be mine.

If only you will never leave my side;

Ne me quite pas.
To that sweet one somewhere, whom I will lay with till I die,

I have so few things I desire;

That you hold and thrill me till I see fire.

That you kiss me so I can retire. And

I will give my damaged self over, and 

Lean on you even when your hair is silver.

I will die first; 

So that you suffer.

So that your love will yearn our forever.

Ne me quitte pas and be my lover

Ne me quitte pas; and stay my lover.
Ne me quitte pas.

                           || LEBRECHT ||

                 || THE METAPHYSICAL ||



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I am me. I am Me. I write when I want to be free.

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