10 lines of life and symmetry

Life rolls out in a circular motion

And the ball plodding the path knows; 

No volition alien to its making calms it. 

No conscience begs its progress, unless; it stops where destiny need it. 

In a wonderful twist of symmetry it comes to a halt,

Where we meet at a stream of dreams.

It links our consciousness to cravings,

an endless cycle of life and being,

Made easier when we finally meet; and live like there’s nothing

That stops us from breathing and living, while loving this motion of being:

Life in it’s perfect motion; its own direction of meaning.


Your Answer to My Question

What is it you desire? What would you desire?

The bliss of the heart or the thrill of the mind?

The drug called lust or a cure for the heart? 

Would you want the twist and turns 

On soft sheets or hard beliefs? To feel the

Full on emotions or be fuelled to mind blown emotion?

Do you need sweet whispers in your ear 

That lead your heart in beats of joy? Or

One that moves you to the rhythm that joins 

Your heart and fast breaths? Do you need one or both;

One for thrill, the other for a life? Or maybe, to feel

Complete in heart and soul? To feel complete

In heart and body? 

Make it known what you desire. What would you need? 

To be led on rides past experience warned you off?

Love physical and emotional laid down on your path,

Planned out on rails so grand they climax at once? 

To be broken into a chain of plain desire, leading you on 

Till there is nothing else?

What would you need? What do you want?


The monster stirs, yawns; he wakes finally. He’s hungry.

He peers out and chooses someone right and plump and 

Fleshy and tasty yet greying. He’s hungry and this someone

Is near. He’s so hungry he doesn’t notice who. He’s 

So hungry he misses the resemblance and He chomps down; 

Gobbles and gobbles whole portions, not savouring the meat,

Just sating his hunger. It’s done now. He belches then withdraws

Into himself, still not realizing who he’s eaten; he saw but didn’t

See. Or he saw but didn’t care. The monster ate his own lover. 

Like he ate his dear father. He chomped and gobbled them whole,

Chomped and Gobbled his own. But maybe he did not care. His hunger

Would not make things clear. This is how it’s always been: from the one 

with the gap teeth first then the three with the marks then after. 

His hunger has taken so many now, since the one who knew he’d eat her. 

She knew in her heart she was fodder. Knew he would not see in his hunger. 

But he tried and tried to hold back his hunger. He managed so long 

Not to surrender. Held out so long it hurt him: as he fed on his insides it hurt him. 

He held it so long he forgot the hunger would always grow bigger.

The monster held it long……then one day she did it. She

Called him out on his hunger. Poked it and then went away.

Said he could eat his fill, then left him to find his fill. 

Now he can hold it no longer. He chomps and chomps till they echo.

He gobbles and savours every bit. -Chomp Chomp. Gobble 

Gobble. Burp- 

When he stops his world grows smaller; when he stops

There’s no one there.