Sinner’s Ranting

Life’s greatest mystery, to me,
is how we live happy with illusions as means.
Values are bloated with pomp that seem free,
carefree, our lives mask the angst of being free.
Freedom is a myth,
a Minotaur dancing through a cell of revolving doors,
knowing his path to hope
but trapped in it’s endless spin.
We see Hell on our plate, we can’t stare at its heat,
so blindfolding our minds is the fad saving us from our sins.
We pray to our faith to do something about Fate,
then flirt with Fate to test good ole faith, just like humans should do.
We’ll support the misguidance
as long as we can call her mysticism.
It’s a beautiful thing,
just purge all our choices and guide our ways in a line.
Oh God, save us.
Save us or just save me.