Growing older is Natural

Growing older is natural,

like composing is phenomenal.

The younger me was subliminal,

and my feelings were optional.

Now I’m waiting for the natural.

For logic to make nonsense 

of a younger conscience with a lining that’s unnatural.

That’s only natural.

LIFE is unnatural.

It’s stiff and unusual.

We’re born labored and grow abnormal

into anomalies being theatrical

quoting and aging

underneath the supernatural

but that’s all natural.

Like growing older is natural.


Lovely, playful ruse.

I find

your love playful.

It’s sad

I’m just tool.

As long

as I’m joyful.

I know

to stay a fool.


Give me

your lie so full.

I’ll wait

at home your fool.

I know

we’re still playful.

This love

is for a tool.



I feel

so damn stressful.

To be

your third best fool

I know

we’re just playful.

This love

is just a tool.



You left

me so playful.

I stayed

your long left fool.

To death

I lay mournful.

That I

stopped being your tool.