Lovely, playful ruse.

I find

your love playful.

It’s sad

I’m just tool.

As long

as I’m joyful.

I know

to stay a fool.


Give me

your lie so full.

I’ll wait

at home your fool.

I know

we’re still playful.

This love

is for a tool.



I feel

so damn stressful.

To be

your third best fool

I know

we’re just playful.

This love

is just a tool.



You left

me so playful.

I stayed

your long left fool.

To death

I lay mournful.

That I

stopped being your tool.





Love ain’t Smooth

The lie is smooth.

The lie of love

that the hard times die

and bad times come

only when love is young

then nothing else matters.



The lie is smooth

that young love buds

and it’s bliss brings joy

no grief will destroy

because love is smooth.

Ohh that lie is smooth.



The lie is smooth;

the kids bring CHAOS!

The life MAKES YOU swell!!


FOREVER and every day more

without that smooth ending.



The lie is smooth

but the truth is smoother

Love ain’t smooth

Expecting smooth makes it LESS smooth.



So don’t hide rough love

in the smooth lies of love.

That Charming calls

even after you’re rough

and the Princess is gorgeous

inside as she is out.



All smooth lies do

is get you ready to turn tail smooth-like

to more lies that are smoother

to hurt because it’s smooth

to blame because THAT’S SMOOTH




So pass the ink

I’ll write of those so smooth

taking love that’s never smooth

living the life that cuts them smooth

and they’ll live real love

even when it ain’t smooth.

Childhood; the sweet days of life

To gaze up at and appeal to. To look up to grown-ups everyday. That is the wonder of childhood. To adore and immortalise the old no matter how frail, with memories and perplexities of the simpler days without the superficial sways and the adult haste we live… in haste. Naive love and hate, filled with awe for days when the world is yours without true opposition or debate. That was childhood, our wonder days, when free is free or we pout and dictate. World leader cannot hate, the older ones envying our bliss. No strings to favours or demands that hurt. Protection is the mandate and we’ll love for it, in the sweet days of childhood when we’re all truly free.