My own private torture…

Still not sure how I stare back at this lack
while held by chains of my own private torture.
Walls so wicked they’re leering back
at my helpless wails and tasty tears.

I made the choice to be this way
In blinding light that makes me sick
but why leave that Which helps me stick
the ways that keep me safe and let you stay

I once brought down Jericho with you!
Hammered down the walls holding me back
leaving debris of your indirect conquest
As a testament to your masses and dark religion.

I was impressed by what you did
So I sponged from you before my journey home

Watching your maturity date age in simple magnificence with awe

I begun wanting to make my ways in your image.

Forgetting my old haven needs its own beams and foundation

I built stairways measured in your grand heights going higher

and never considered they’d topple over.

Now my little dreams are there with My Lady called Future.

They’re in danger because My Mind Palace seemed sturdy and I was so eager.

Either I didn’t master or you’re just youthful banter

it doesn’t matter now, they’re gone and I’m a loser.

All I have for me is faith and a journey on the path to atonement

the place I’ll visit while bound by my fallen

their chains will make me stronger

and I’ll drag them while I punish my self to show you the effects of your way

from the sound of my pain
From my own private torture.

Hitlebb|Lebrecht © 2016

It’s Embarrassing.

As I walk through the path of what WE CALL the world’s way

I see sewage that makes me cringe

in shame of how we exist.

 It’s Embarrassing. 

We live with smut in our minds,

dust in our eyes

and junk in our bellies.

We accept no sort of prize for the mind

just a price to keep it limp and steady.

Shopping to keep it chummy

but no books to keep it happy.

It’s Embarrassing.

How it’s ok to live on empty

and feel lost if you’re a worrier.

Living for the dream of “heart killing” wages

is the way, the truth, our lineage.

So we stain our vision

forget imagination

memorize all facts

and leave no room for much thinking.