The Sonnet that Spake Heartbreak.

On this lush crag once stood,

Oak of heaven, born of Jove.

Its roots, before this mood,

Grew hope no gale could move.

Then sudden oak death came,

As a wench after man’s ill.

She swooned and made it lame,

It buckled, could not still.

It did come down with a shrill.

“Father lord!”, it did wail.

But she came with much thrill

“My Holy Mary!”, he would hail.

And the spell she left was broken.

And her spell of love had spoken.


A spectre with love

A Spectre came, 

rousing the person lodging in my nogging.

He beckoned my tenant,

who sighed to berate his tyrant.

But then he marveled,

wanting nothing more than to reach out

and leave his room of logic,

to seek madness from his shell, for magic.

His latent desire,

an escapade with a spirit not right,

stumbled in with sensations to rekindle  

the romance his pragmatics lack.

So he skips out, my savvy.

Hand in hand with his new-found cherie

to tumble bareback  and far from all distraction

never to return, lost in the wind of passion.

Then he returns,

crawling back to me every night.

seeking refuge where it’s right

his winded shrieks give me fright

Battered by the cold

searching for a whole.

 Begging for the shell he damned

yet hoping his feeling comes around.

I wait in the night

wait for the spectre to come for his right

for the tenant to run from his true light

for love to come calling for the night.

Lebrecht|Hitlebb 2016

Love ain’t Smooth

The lie is smooth.

The lie of love

that the hard times die

and bad times come

only when love is young

then nothing else matters.



The lie is smooth

that young love buds

and it’s bliss brings joy

no grief will destroy

because love is smooth.

Ohh that lie is smooth.



The lie is smooth;

the kids bring CHAOS!

The life MAKES YOU swell!!


FOREVER and every day more

without that smooth ending.



The lie is smooth

but the truth is smoother

Love ain’t smooth

Expecting smooth makes it LESS smooth.



So don’t hide rough love

in the smooth lies of love.

That Charming calls

even after you’re rough

and the Princess is gorgeous

inside as she is out.



All smooth lies do

is get you ready to turn tail smooth-like

to more lies that are smoother

to hurt because it’s smooth

to blame because THAT’S SMOOTH




So pass the ink

I’ll write of those so smooth

taking love that’s never smooth

living the life that cuts them smooth

and they’ll live real love

even when it ain’t smooth.