Sestina: Hue and Conflict


For as long as the heart is soft, it turns blue.

Time will tell! Will it ever be red?

When the world conspires and connives in grey,

And calls forth devils to paint it black,

To make it wrinkle and never turn violet;

Into a pansy dreading the hue indigo.


That was the spice that made me indigo.

The gift life gave me. A version of hues that always turn blue,

I fear it so much my cheeks turn  violet!

But my beating heart has never been red,

It has lived in darkness and I know its black.

I brighten that hue to make it grey.


And so I saw the world in grey,

And lived life as I was indigo.

Wrinkling with time and fading to black,

Soiling my mind until it turned blue.

My eyes would never see the hue red,

For as long as I never spotted violet.


One day I made my heart turn violet.

The world was changed, it stopped being grey.

And I thought my shade would switch to red.

It would be lovely to leave the indigo,

And my heart would never beat to blue.

And my heart would never fade to black.


But still my heart is all black.

Day by day, moods switch from violet,

Till years pass and the hues turn blue,

And my hope fades and I move back to grey.

The life I lead will always be indigo,

I will never stay forever red.


I lived so long chasing hues, a red 

Heart was my only aim, but that lump stays black,

My lips sing blues, and spice up my  life with Indigo.

I once thought I could brighten and bloom, violet

And gay, and stop seeing grey.

That was the lie that left me Blue.


And I never had it, that lack made me blue.

Now I live to embrace my heart as grey.

Never again will I chase a hue, never again will I turn Violet.