Growing older is Natural

Growing older is natural,

like composing is phenomenal.

The younger me was subliminal,

and my feelings were optional.

Now I’m waiting for the natural.

For logic to make nonsense 

of a younger conscience with a lining that’s unnatural.

That’s only natural.

LIFE is unnatural.

It’s stiff and unusual.

We’re born labored and grow abnormal

into anomalies being theatrical

quoting and aging

underneath the supernatural

but that’s all natural.

Like growing older is natural.


WordPress has changed me.

The few months I’ve spent blogging has changed the way I approach my writing. Not so long ago my plan was simply to post my work; to post my lonesome legacy and not care if they’re read. I wanted to go it alone in this cruel world of writing and poetry because I could never figure out what it was I left out from my own pieces.  I felt my voice and my words never got recognition because my writing was not good enough and being the perfectionist I am I hid my self assumed failure like the others before it. It took two months to realize what the true problem was, two months of skanty views and rare likes to realize that I was my problem. I didn’t ever set goals, still dont(can’t actually), nor had I acknowledged writing as my dream. I just sort of went along with it, trying hard to please with it, trying to get attention through the talent I’d never once accepted or wanted to perfect and when I couldn’t I went into denial. This blog was supposed to be one of my many diaries (there are too many), where I could rant and write and hide but in two months I saw the light. On 23rd December 2015 my plan(my first ever -somehow- goal) was sketchy but simple; to make 50 posts before my 21st birthday. Now I’m about to let rip post 50 & 51 five days to my target day. Now I could have done more, I will do more, but I’m proud of the little I’ve done. I’m proud I didnt lose interest and turn my back on this like I’ve always done with all endeavors. I’m proud of myself for this minor achievement that is my biggest one yet at a time I really need to step up. I thank wordpress and the bloggers who took the time to view this blog for helping me do this. Saint West, blossom666, all the bloggers who take the time to scroll through, this feels corny but thank you. Thank You VERY MUCH FOR THIS.